Welcome to a perambulation around Mallorca’s plant world.
Please note that I am neither a botanist nor an otherwise qualified plant expert.
I live in Mallorca and all I can offer you is my enthusiasm for the beautiful wonders of the Mediterranean floræ, but that, I offer you happily.

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5 Responses to “About”

  1. A beautiful site! I used to live in Mallorca and now reside in Tenerife and have been very interested in the plant life here on this volcanic island, and as photography is my main hobby I am also considering starting a photo blog.

    I have just started a story blog about Mallorca and my life there and would like to include a link to your site if you would permit it.
    Thank you…..Sharon (Canarybird)

  2. I’m a new resident of Mallorca (Deia) and would like to know who you are.. also for permission to use some of your photos in a PPT show about sustainable Mallorca.

    Thanks for posting all this beauty!

  3. I love the post about the cape gooseberry. I live in Kigali, Rwanda and its sold here by the name gaperi. Thanks! Stacy

  4. I am a nursing student with Indiana Wesleyan University and I would like permission to use your photo of myrtle in a classroom presentation that I am doing.

  5. Hi, i would like to buy fig cuttings from Mallorca. Please let me know if you have any fig cuttings to sell.
    Please contact me by my email so we can have further discussion. Thank you!

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