The Mallorcan Bindweed (Convolvulus valentinus)

The Mallorcan Bindweed (Convolvulus valentinus) is an exquisite plant with a rather pretty flower. The bindweed is a hermaphrodite plant in the Convolvulaceae family which usually comes with a blue flower but, occasionally can also be of a pink colour as shown here. The semi-succulent flowering plant is ideally suited to the rocky conditions of the Mediterranean shoreline. The Mallorcan Bindweed is indigenous to Valencia, Alicante, Ibiza and Mallorca, and can also be found in Algeria.

According to Herbarivirtual, the Convolvulus valentinus is rather rare in Mallorca and is considered vulnerable. It is said to be found in only one place. Well, I happen to disagree; I have seen this flower near the coast line in the South East of the island, and also, in the North, on quite a number of occasions and in different spots. The plant flowers now (April, May and June) on sandy terrain near pine forests in coastal areas.

I could not find any information about possible medicinal or nutritional properties of this plant.

~ by plantarium on May 17, 2012.

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