The Sage-Leafed Rock Rose (Cistus salviifolius)

The Sage-Leafed Rock Rose (Cistus salviifolius) is also known as Sage-leafed Cistus, White Rock Rose or Salvia Cistus. This plant is an extremely variable species. It is not unlike the Montpelier Rock Rose that I have reported upon earlier, but this one has a larger flower and its leaves are not sticky. In fact, its leaves resemble those of a sage bush, even though they do not share its flavour nor are they edible. The plant grows in Mediterranean woodlands and Garrigas as one finds them in Mallorca. The flower has a pleasant, if subtle, smell and is said to be used for the production of perfume. Its flower is simply pretty and seems particularly popular with the Mallorcan bees.

The plant is also used in herbal medicine.

~ by plantarium on April 20, 2010.

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